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Treasure is a son of Alan Scott's Seminole and Sugar.
He was rated excellent by two different judges at the National Dog Show in Costa Rica.

Treasure is quick to hit the fence when he sees a stranger and always ready to protect. Around children however he is just big stuffed animal. Small children will pull on his ears and tail, squeeze him, sit on top of him and he just rolls back and enjoys it.

Treasure is an NKC registered dog and comes from a long line of Scott performance bred dogs. Pups from Treasure are genetically pre-disposed to become powerful hog catching hunters just like his ancestors in Alabama. Here in Costa Rica, Treasure uses that tenacity to guard our family and property.


Treasure's Family Tree


O.S. Seminole of Alan Scott

Father of Treasure


Sugar of Alan Scott

Mother of Treasure



NKC S GR CH OSW Crusher of Alan Scott

Father of Scott's Seminole
Grandfather of Treasure

High Rolling Vagas

OHK's High Rolling Vagas of Alan Scott

Mother of Scott's Seminole
Grandmother of Treasure


Wright's Rock-A-Feller

Father of Scott's Sugar
Grandfather of Treasure

Tammy Wynette

Wright's Tammy Wynette of Alan Scott

Grandmother of Treasure


CH Scott's Apache of BPK

2X Grandfather of Scott's Vagas


Belle of TCF

Grandmother of Scott's Vagas

Maxi Lou

Joshua's Maxi Lou of SV

Grandmother of Scott's Vagas

Scott's Dixieman

Grandfather and Great Grandfather of Joshua's Maxi Lou of SV

Excellent Rating

Rated Excellent

Best of Breed

Best of Breed

Certificate of Aptitude for Championship

Best Young Dog of the Breed

NKC Registration Treasure