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Spot is a daughter of Treasure and Esther.
She is the most muscular and athletic female to come from that breeding.

Spot is unique in her ability to run as fast as a car and effortlessly jump 6 ft. tall fences. She is a perfect physical specimen. She inherited the bully head appearance of her father.

Spot is an NKC registered dog. By breeding Spot to Treasure were were able produce the most muscular and best looking dogs yet. This is a very special breeding.


Esther is a daughter of Alan Scott's Hero and Aunt Cindy.
She is very pretty dog with deep black and pure white coat.

Esther is great with children and looks after them at all hours. She is very alert and quick to investigate any noise. Her hunting instincts often lead her to point out the location of various animals.

Esther is an NKC registered dog. As a daughter of Scott's Hero and Jr. Ch. Sir Duke, her lineage can be traced back for more than 60 years through such famous dogs as Scott's Gr. Champion Crusher, Scott's Champion Apache, Powerhouse's Iron Axehead, Hines' Bossman, Painter's Zeke, Margentina's Sgt. Rock, Scott's Dixieman, Joshua's Cowboy, Johnson's 2X Champion King Kong, Sandman the Great, Scott's Mac the Masher and Johnson's Dick the Bruiser.

Esther's Family Tree


Hero of Alan Scott

Father of Esther



NKC S GR CH OSW Crusher of Alan Scott

Father of Scott's Aunt Cindy (Esther's Mother) Grandfather of Esther


Sir Duke

JR CH Sir Duke of Alan Scott

Father of Scott's Hero
Grandfather of Esther

High Rolling Vagas

Lady Lujo III of Alan Scott

Mother of Scott's Hero
Grandmother of Esther


Wright's Rock-A-Feller

Father of Scott's Crusher
Father of Lady Lujo III

Tammy Wynette

Wright's Tammy Wynette of Alan Scott

Mother of Scott's Crusher
Mother of Lady Lujo III

Hammer Head

Hammer Head of Alan Scott

Father of Scott's Sir Duke


Oreo of Alan Scott

Mother of Scott's Hero
Grandmother of Esther


CH Scott's Apache of BPK

Father of Chewki
(Mother of Aunt Cindy)

Iron Axehead

Powerhouse's Iron Axehead

Father of Scott's Apache


Hines' Bossman

Grandfather of Scott's Hammer Head

Sophia Mae

Sophia Mae of Alan Scott

Mother of Scott's Hammer Head


Margentina's Crusher

Father of Powerhouse's Iron Axehead

Iron Axehead

Margentina's Sgt. Rock

Father of Margentina's Crusher


Bear Paw's Gambler of Sand Valley

Grandfather of Scott's Oreo


Joshua's Sand Valley Sam aka Cowboy

Grandfather of Bear Paw's Gambler


Painter's Zeke

Grandfather of Powerhouse's Iron Axehead


CH Wright's Rounder

Father of Margentina's Sgt. Rock

Spot Bull

Smith's Bradley Spot Bull

Grandfather of Hines's Bossman

King Kong

2 X CH Johnson's King Kong

Grandfather of Smith's Bradley Spot Bull


Scott's Dixieman

Grandfather and Great Grandfather of Margentina's Crusher

Dick the Bruiser

Johnson's Dick the Bruiser

Father of Scott's Dixieman
Great Grandfather of Smith's Bradley Spot Bull
Great Great Grandfather of Scott's Sophia Mae

Sandman the Great

Sandman the Great

Father of Johnson's King Kong



Scott's Mac the Masher

Great Grandfather of Wright's Rounder
Father of Sandman the Great